Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~Lu Lu

Macy is getting really chubby. Check out the legs and the cheeks! She loves to sit in her bumbo chair and watch the boys play. She is a great baby and we love her so much!

Monday, April 27, 2009


~These are rare moments with two boys, but they do actually happen!!!! They are starting to play really well together, they do still have there wrestling matches on the floor quite often though.

~Jayce Cooper Turns 2!

At the end of March Jayce turned two! We had a small party at our house with my Grandma Barb, Grandma Julie, Aunt Em, Aunt Katie, Uncle James, Mason, and the Beckers. It was a great time and Jayce got some great gifts. I still can't believe he is two. He is such a sweet little boy and we love him very much.

Monday, April 20, 2009

~Macy Lu ( 8 Weeks) and Jayce Cooper's( 2 year) Check-ups!

Gosh I am slacking considering this was about a month ago. Jayce Cooper, if you can believe it, is on the small side. Who knew? He was 27 lbs and 32 inches in the 40th percentile for both. Macy is also on the small side at 10 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long. She was in the 50th percentile for both. They both are on track for growth and development and checked out great! They both had shots, thank god Jason was able to come to the appointment with me because they were both screaming after the nurse gave them the shots.

Macy went to Vegas!!

I have been slacking on the blog partially because I need a new camera, my camera takes really bad pictures and I have not been taking many. Anyways, Macy and I went to Las Vegas to visit my dad. We stayed at Green Valley Ranch, which is in Henderson. What a beautiful resort! We had 4 fun filled days of relaxing, gambling and shopping. I also got to see my Aunt Karen which was really nice. She watched Macy one night so my dad and I could go see "Love." It is a performance with acrobats and dancers all to music by the Beatles. Afterwards we went to dinner at a great steak resturant. It was so nice to see my dad and for him to meet Macy Lu. She loved it there with the warm weather and all the lights can't wait to go back again.

Friday, March 6, 2009

~Happy Girl

Macy is changing so much, just this week she has really started to smile. She mostly smiles at Mac and Jayce, however, she has smiled at Carly and Aunt Alice too, and me of course! The fan seems to get a smile out of her once in awhile too. I got Mac to get her to smile so I could get a picture of her with my phone.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Our Sweetheart!

Macy is such a wonderful addition to our family. The boys can't seem to get enough of her and kiss her and lay by her all the time. Jayce is even very gentle and only seems to get jealous when Jason is holding her. He told him "no, no daddy, baby to momma!" Macy is growing like a weed, at her two week check up she weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and grew an inch to be 20inches. They were very pleased with her weight gain because when she left the hospital she was 7lbs 2ozs so she gained all her weight back. She is sleeping much better at night, she made it from 10-5 last night and I had to wake her up to feed her before I took Mac to school today. We could not be happier because when she first came home it seemed like she was up every hour, which is hard when there are two other kids up at 7am, ready to play. I hope she keeps sleeping well, who knows with an infant though she might be up alot tonight. I guess we will have to see!!!